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Penis Enlargement Patches - Which patch is best?

Recently, many companies have used the latest medical technology to give men another option for male enhancement. Penis enlargement patches contain the same potent ingredients as penis enlargement capsules, but are delivered to the body in a different way - by transdermal absorption through the skin, using a convenient penis enlargement patch.

Using the same technology as nicotine and diet patches, you simply attach a patch to your skin in any location you like, and your body absorbs the ingredients of the patch over a period of time. This method is extremely effective in many men, especially in men who don't want to remember to have to take a capsule every day. The good news is that for the most part, the leading penis enlargement patches are just as effective and safe as penis enlargement pills.

This method of male enhancement has become quite popular, as the results are very impressive and they are very simple to use. Simply change to a new patch once a week, and that's all that's required. Transdermal delivery of herbal enhancement products has been widely endorsed by the medical community, and has been featured on several news programs and magazines.

The only tricky part is finding out which penis enlargement patches work best and offer the best value. We've compiled a short list of the top penis enlargement patches currently available, as well as information on how they work, ingredients, prices, and much more. will tell you the penis patches proven to work, the patches with the quickest gains, and which companies offer the best deals and the best price. We rate the penis enlargement patches on the following:

Performance - which patches will produce permanent gains?

Speed - how long will it take to achieve maximum results?

Support - do they stand behind their product?

Bonuses - any free gifts or special offers with purchase.

Guarantee - do they back their product with an Unconditional Guarantee?

Safety - are the ingredients effective and proven to be safe?

Although there are several penis enlargement patches available, our research indicates there are really only a few worthy of a top recommendation. Below are the top 3 choices for penis enlargement patches guaranteed to result in permanent and dramatic penis size gains and improved erections.

top 3 penis enlargement patches

maxiderm rated number 1 Maxiderm Patch
maxiderm patch rated number 1 penis enlargement patch
top rated maxiderm patch

Maxiderm Patch review

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proenhance patch rated number 2 ProEnhance vimax patch rated number 3 VimaxPatch
proenhance-patch vimax patch
proenhance patch rated number two

ProEnhance Review
vimax patch rated number three

VimaxPatch Review

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Penis Enhancement Patches - Overview

After reviewing the top penis enlargement patches currently available, we strongly recommend the Maxiderm Patch from Albion Medical. They are the same company which manufactures VigRX and VigRX Plus, and they continue to lead the way in the growing field of herbal male enhancement. Maxiderm patches were the original penis enlargement patch, and they continue to offer the best results. Our research and reader feedback shows a success rate of 88-92%, which is truly amazing. A close second and honorable mention goes to the recently released and very popular ProEnhance Patch from Marabou Herbals.

Although these penis enlargement patches are very effective, many men prefer to achieve the same or better results with the convenience of a penis enlargement pill. We have tried the Maxiderm Patch and were very happy with the results. However, we found the VigRX Plus pills to be more convenient, and offer even more noticeable results. Many men keep taking these PE products indefinitely, even after they've increased their penis size, as they love the dynamic effect they have on their sexual performance. Improved stamina, stronger orgasms, and the ability to achieve erections on demand are just a few benefits of taking these supplements as a "sex vitamin".

If you'd like to learn more about penis enlargement patches and how they can dramatically improve your sex life - we encourage you to visit the Maxiderm site, and see the many benefits of using a penis enlargement patch.

If you'd like to enjoy the benefits of an enhancement formula for the long term, you may want to consider a penis enlargement pill instead of a patch, as they offer the best discounts for larger orders. Both patches and pills are safe and effective, it just depends on which method you prefer. If you think you would prefer to take a penis enlargement pill, be sure to read our VigRX Plus review.

publications love maxiderm patch

maxiderm featured in top magazines

You've read about the effectiveness of dermal patch technology in such respected publications as Time, Newsweek, and the New York Times. Publications such as Maxim, GQ, and Stuff have all written about the new Maxiderm Patch which is the first high-tech herbal patch designed to dramatically increase both penis size and male potency. No other male erectile growth formula works faster, is more effective, or easier to use than Maxiderm Patch.

But there's more...much more!

The Maxiderm Patch was designed for men like you who want a big, thicker, and more energetic penis! Imagine skyrocketing in size 1", 2", even 3" in 60 days or less. But that's not all - Maxiderm Patch will also supercharge your 'sexual battery' effortlessly - 24/7. Your libido and energy level will soar, and you'll be able to satisfy your lover like never before!

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Our #1 Choice for Permanent Results

Maxiderm Penis Enlargement Patch

Rated #1 Penis Enlargement Patch.

Comments: Excellent penis enlargement patch. Maxiderm is a natural herbal penis enlargement formula designed by Albion Medical for easy penis enlargement that works to increase penis length and girth, improve stamina, and provide harder, long lasting erections.

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Guarantee: 67 Days

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vigrx plus is highly recommended

VigRX Plus Penis Enlargement Capsules

Rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction.

Comments: Outstanding penis enlargement product. VigRX Plus is a natural herbal penis enlargement formula designed by Albion Medical for penis enlargement that works to increase penis size, improve sexual health, and provide harder, longer lasting erections.

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