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VigRX Plus Review
penis jelqing review

Penis Jelqing Review

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Enlargement Capsules or Jelqing?

Penis Jelqing - Is it for you?

penis jelqingPenis Enlargement is not a new idea, but it is something more commonly discussed these days, thanks to new medical advancements, including penis enlargement capsules and penis enlargement surgery. You may have also heard of a technique called jelqing or power jelqing, and wondered what that was all about.

Basically jelqing involves "milking" or stretching exercises involving the penis, with the ultimate goal of increasing the length of your penis. It can be done by hand, or with the aid of machines or equipment, which is often referred to as "power jelqing". We will discuss these methods, as well as alternatives, on the road to your goal of achieving a longer penis.

Penis Jelqing - How does it work?

Penis enlargement exercises, over time, have come to be called jelqing. Some people say that jelqing originated in Arabia where fathers would prepare their sons for sexual relationships by using a massage technique (jelqing) which increased the size of the penis. Whatever the source, jelqing has come to be the most common term for a number of natural penis enlargement exercises.

The jelq exercises which can increase penis length/girth can be very time-consuming, taking as much as 45 minutes in a single jelqing session. Despite this, jelqing is one of the most tried natural penis enlargement technique in the world.

Jelqing workouts are based around a daily workout of around 20-30 minutes. The exercises usually start with a penis warm-up. The warm-up involves a warm bath or a towel soaked in warm water applied to the penis. The warm-up is to increase blood flow to the penis and prepare it for the jelq exercises. Once completed, the jelq techniques can be commenced. Jelqing should only be attempted with a semi-tumescent penis, never on an erect penis. Some lubricant should be applied beforehand and the hand-grip should completely encircle the base of the penis thus ensuring that no blood escapes from the penis.

The penis is then milked, moving towards the head and forcing the blood toward the end of the penis. 100-200 jelq movements is the average workout. The jelqing exercises should be stopped immediately if any pain becomes apparent, or the penis becomes erect. Ejaculation should not be allowed to occur and if the urge becomes apparent then a pause from exercising is worthwhile. Likewise, jelqing should be ceased should any pain or discomfort become apparent. After several months, penis size increases, both in girth or length should become apparent.

Pros and Cons of Penis Jelqing:

  • Is quite inexpensive once you've bought a penis jelqing device 
  • Pain, swelling, redness, can occur on the penis and surrounding area
  • Results can take a long time to occur
  • Requires a fairly large time commitment on a daily basis
  • Can lead to de-sensitization of the penis
Penis Jelqing - Overview.

Does Jelqing work? The fact is that some men do find after many months of jelqing that they will experience up to a 3/4 inch gain in penile length. The downside is you will spend many, many hours getting to know your penis, and not in the way that most men find enjoyable!! As you can see from the list above, there seems to be more 'Cons' with penis jelqing than 'Pros'.

Personally, we don't recommend attaching that kind of apparatus around your most important body part. However, some men do find positive gains with the jelqing, and prefer the old-fashioned approach of the penis jelqing technique. We don't rate penis jelqing as a good choice for male enlargement simply because nowadays there are far more easier and more effective products available. Herbal penis enhancement formulas have improved dramatically over the years, and are now readily endorsed by the medical community. For more information on VigRX Plus and other leading male enhancement formulas, see our list of the best penis enlargement pills.

To naturally increase penis size, we recommend the following:

Penis Exercise Sites - Penis Enlargement that works.

penis exercise sites that work

Top 3 sites for guaranteed results:

#1 - Penis Advantage - Voted the #1 Male Enhancement Website by "Mens Fitness" and "Fit4Life" magazines, this is our reader's choice for the best penis exercise site online. Penis Advantage is a very popular site which has been around for over 15 years and has a rock solid reputation. Their guarantee is backed for 6 months, and their program involves a series of exercises which you can perform in the privacy of your own home in less than 15 minutes per day. Penis Advantage is the #1 choice for men looking to correct Peyronie's disease. has been around since 1997 and is one of the original penis enlargement exercise sites. The Penis Advantage program will provide guaranteed results and men can add from 1 to 4 inches in penile length. Simply follow the Penis Advantage exercise program as directed and you are guaranteed to increase penis length and girth, as well as improve erection hardness and correct penile curvature.

Penis Advantage is an award winning penis exercise program which will provide GUARANTEED results in as little as 6 minutes a day. Membership includes lifetime access including new articles and updates every month, an excellent money back guarantee, and 24 hour email and phone support. Our recommended choice for penis exercise sites - and also the best site for curved penis problems, it's well worth the money. Visit site.

#2 - Penis Health - Another excellent penis enlargement exercise site with an unconditional guarantee. One of the great things about penis exercise programs is their easy access. As soon as you join you can be up and running and enlarging your penis in about 5 minutes - it's that easy. In addition to an exercise program that will increase your penis size from 1 to 3 inches, Penis Health also has specific exercise programs for erection hardness, ejaculation control, penis straightening, and foreskin restoration.

Penis Health includes lifetime access to their members area which includes a multitude of options for penile enhancement, including 24 hour email support, and 24 hour phone support. The full time team of researchers and personal trainers that Penis-Health employs are always researching new techniques and have been accredited with the ISA award for exceptional support and customer service. Our readers rate this site very highly. Visit site.

#3 - Penile Secrets - A very good penis enlargement exercise site which has been around for several years. They'll show you techniques most other programs don't have that help you quickly add length and thickness. You'll find helpful information on how to add length and width to your penis, as well as exercises which will help to straighten your penis. You'll also learn how to stop premature ejaculation and substantially increase penis sexual health and function.

Penile Secrets offers an unconditional guarantee and is one of the only sites which guarantees help with penis curvature. Membership includes lifetime access including periodic updates, an excellent 6 month money back guarantee, and 24 hour email and phone support. Visit site.

Penis Jelqing - You have other options.

Penis jelqing has been around for ages, although it doesn't have the best track record of success. Jelqing is very labor intensive, takes several months to see results, and often doesn't provide the kind of dramatic size gains most men are looking for. Luckily there are far more effective methods that work much quicker. This includes the natural penis exercise sites listed above, but the easiest and quickest way is by taking a doctor approved herbal penis enlargement supplement.

The unanimous choice among our readers and most other leading sites has to be VigRX Plus from Albion Medical. It contains many of the same herbal ingredients as the drug Viagra, but without any unpleasant side effects. VigRX Plus is currently the only non-prescription male enhancement formula in the world with clinical studies proving it's effectiveness. They offer an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee for 67 days if you don't experience the results you wanted. They are definitely the leader in the male enhancement industry, and this product has an amazing success rate. Visit site.

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