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Provigro - Penis Pill Comparison

vigrx plus rated number 1 VigRX Plus vs. Provigro       
vigrx plus pills Provigro pills
vigrx plus review

VigRX Plus Review
Provigro review

Provigro Review

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Provigro or VigRX Plus capsules?


Product Claim:

Improved sexual performance

Increased sexual desire

Heightened sexual pleasure

Provigro - Full Review:

Provigro is a relatively new product in the field of male enhancement. The Provigro website has only been around for a short time, and most men have probably not heard of this product. Provigro claims to be a non-pharmaceutical alternative to drugs such as Viagra and Cialis, and help men achieve a temporary erection in order to sustain sexual activity. Provigro is manufactured by a company called "MicroNutra". According to their website:

"Imagine yourself free of worrying about the devastating affects of ED. Imagine how you will feel if you do not have to worry about it ever again or have to deal with all the negative side effects of any pharmaceutical drugs."

Additionally the following claims are made about their product:

"The proprietary blend of herbal ingredients in Provigro is the key to your success. The herbals in Provigro have been used for male sexual enhancement all over the world for hundreds of years. We have carefully chosen the ingredients in Provigro for maximum natural effectiveness and combined them into a potent formula to bring you one of the best male sexual health supplements available."

Provigro capsules are definitely not one of the better male enhancement formulas available. Not only have they not shown any evidence or studies proving their product works, they don't even reveal what's actually IN the product. This is unacceptable, and also unsafe. We feel that companies should always list each ingredient and how much of it is in their product, so consumers can judge whether they're getting good value for their money, and be aware of any possible drug interactions.

Provigro claims to be 99% effective for men with "psychological or emotional ED" which in our opinion, makes it sound more like a placebo. Additionally, most erectile problems are a direct result of physical, chemical, or other health-related issues in men, and are almost always NOT psychological or emotional. Almost every single guy out there WANTS to get and maintain an erection when needed, but usually there is a health issue which is preventing it.

90 - day money back guarantee. *Maximum 1 opened bottle allowed. Several other conditions apply. See Provigro website for full details.

No indication of proper dosage from Provigra website.

No bonuses or free gifts with purchase of Provigro.

"A friend told me about Provigro and what it had done for him, so I ordered some. Not only can I afford it but I feel more spontaneous together with my wife."
Mike Towers  - Joplin, Missouri

Side Effects:
Consult your physician before taking Provigro, as Provigro can have some interactions with prescription medications.

$47.00 for 1 box - 24 capsules 
$94.00 for 3 boxes - 72 capsules
$141.00 for 6 boxes - 144 capsules

$9.95 for USA shipping. $19.95 for international shipping.

How to Order:
Order Provigro online, or by phone.

Provigro - Conclusion:

We rate Provigro as one of the below average male enlargement formulas available today. One of our biggest problem with this product is that it doesn't even list the ingredients of what's actually in Provigro. We never recommend any product which doesn't fully disclose all ingredients, as not only does this make it hard for the customer to know if the product is effective, it can also be quite unsafe. We recommend you stick with proven products, like VigRX Plus or Prosolution Pills, which are doctor recommended, completely safe, and unlike Provigro - have clinical studies proving they work.

Provigro Rating: Provigro is rated two stars

Provigro pills reviewed but not recommended

VigRX Plus

Product Claim:

Bigger, harder, longer lasting erections on demand

Increased sexual stamina and sex drive

More powerful, intense orgasms

Works to eliminate premature ejaculation

VigRX Plus - Full Review:

VigRX capsules by Albion Medical have proven to be the most successful male enhancement product ever sold. Now male enhancement is taken a step further with the release of the new VigRX Plus. The result of years of research and improvement in the field of herbal male enhancement, VigRX Plus features a formula even stronger than the best-selling VigRX. This is due to the combination of exhaustive scientific research and use of only the finest herbal ingredients available. VigRX Plus helps improve a man's sexual function in many ways: Longer and firmer erections, delayed ejaculation, unbelievably intense orgasms, and increased stamina.

Albion Medical have produced an excellent enhancement pill which is receiving great feedback from our readers, and men everywhere. This formula has been in the making for quite some time, and has now been released after extensive observation on test subjects - including porn legend and VigRX user - Ron Jeremy. This pill has an astounding success rate and should be the industry leader for the foreseeable future. The success stories we have received have been promising and plentiful, and the VigRX reputation is rock solid.

VigRX Plus includes several amino acids (the building blocks of protein) plus potent herbal concentrates found in China, South America, and Europe. Each of these ingredients has been proven over decades - or even centuries - to strengthen and expand erectile tissue, increase penis size, delay ejaculation, and stimulate sexual activity. VigRX Plus contains many natural forms of the medicines found in Viagra, but without the negative side effects.

Albion Medical has added 3 new ingredients to the VigRX Plus formula, most notably Bioperine - which has been proven in several U.S. clinical studies to safely aid and increase the absorption of nutrients into the human body. This makes the new VigRX Plus formula work much better and quicker than any competitor's products currently available. Best of all, this product comes with an exceptional guarantee, plus customer service and reputation that is the best in the industry. We highly recommend this doctor and naturopath approved treatment for improved sexual function. Visit VigRX Plus site.

100% Money back guarantee for up to 67 days if not completely satisfied.

2 high quality capsules a day (monthly supply is 60 capsules).


Order 1 or more boxes of VigRX Plus and receive the following free gifts:

    Free membership to the Edge 

    Free membership to the IST Newsletter

    Free Dating Tips Newsletter

Order 4 boxes of VigRX Plus and receive all the above plus one of the following:

    Free "Girls Going Crazy" UNCENSORED Spring Break Video 

    Free bottle of Nexus Pheromones

    Free bottle of Semenax semen volume capsules

Order the Diamond Package of VigRX Plus and receive ALL THE ABOVE plus:

    Save $434 on a year supply VigRX Plus!

    Free Express Shipping

    Free 'For Men Only' CD and BetterSexMall discount card

"My confidence level skyrocketed"
"Before being introduced to VigRX Plus, I lacked the confidence I needed to perform sexually in the bedroom. But after just 3 weeks of use, my erections are stronger and bigger - and my staying power is amazing. At first I was a little worried if VigRX Plus could help me. But now I not only have confidence in myself, I have confidence in VigRX Plus."
- Andrew H.

Side Effects:
There have been no reported side effects associated with VigRX Plus.
VigRX Plus is a 100% safe and natural herbal formula that produces dramatic results with no negative side effects - unlike prescription drugs currently available for male erectile problems.

$76.99 for one box - one month supply
$205.99 for 3 boxes - three month supply
$384.99 for 6 boxes - six month supply {You save $77}
$489.99 for Diamond Package - one year supply {You save $434}

All orders discreetly packaged and shipped via express courier.

How to Order:
There are several ordering options available. Order VigRX Plus securely online, or by mail, fax, or phone. Currently accept all credit cards and most debit cards.

VigRX Plus - Conclusion:

VigRX and new VigRX Plus are definitely the undisputed leaders for helping men with penis size and erectile problems. They have an unmatched success rate and in addition to increased erection size and firmness, sexual stamina and enjoyment are also noticeably heightened. Our readers indicate that the average gains with this product will be between 2-3 inches, usually in a 4-6 month period. Improvements in erection firmness and duration will be noticed almost immediately, as will improvement in delayed ejaculation. Results seem to come quite quickly, mainly because the ingredients are of the highest quality.

Although VigRX Plus is a stronger formula, VigRX is still an excellent choice for men looking to improve their size and sexual performance. It is a little less expensive than VigRX Plus, and you may need to take it for a little longer to achieve the same results - but you will still benefit from dramatic gains in sexual function and virility. If you are looking for a bigger penis in the shortest possible time, then VigRX Plus is definitely your best choice.

VigRX Plus is manufactured in FDA approved and cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified Pharmaceutical facilities, ensuring your safety and giving you the peace of mind of knowing what you're getting in every box - and every capsule - of VigRX Plus. VigRX Plus is backed with an iron-clad 67-day guarantee in which you will receive 100% of your money back if you're not completely satisfied. Find out more.

VigRX Plus has recently been rated as the #1 male enhancement product by the editors and researchers at!

vigrx plus voted best penis pill by

Rating: vigrx plus is rated 5-stars                   buy vigrx plus now

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Our #1 Choice for Permanent Results

VigRX Plus Penis Enhancement Capsules

From Albion Medical

Rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction.

Comments: Outstanding sexual enhancement product. VigRX Plus is a natural herbal penile enhancement formula designed by Albion Medical, that works to increase penis size, improve sexual health, and provide harder, longer lasting erections.

order vigrxplus now Cost: $76.99 *(only $40.85 per box with discounts!) Guarantee: 67 Days

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New Semenax Semen Volume Capsules

From Albion Medical

Rated #1 for increased semen

production and stronger orgasms!

Comments: Outstanding sexual enhancement product. Semenax is a natural herbal male enhancement formula designed by Albion Medical for stronger orgasms, powerful ejaculations, and increased semen volume - usually by about 500%.

Cost: $59.95 *(only $33.33 per bottle with discounts!) Guarantee: 67 Days

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